How to Open an Above Ground Pool in 10 Steps – Ebook version

Nice day everyone, today, I will show you the content of my latest ebook about Pool knowledge.

If you’re trying to ease the current rising temperature, don’t be hesitant to open your existing above ground pool. These little guys are relatively simple to open; all you need is a little bit of time with the help from some best pool cleaner to get yourself a clean, safe and fully featured pool.

Let’s get started!

What You Need:

  • Pool cover pump
  • Soft broomor skimmer net
  • Brushes and garden hoses
  • Winter cover cleaner or soap
  • Airtight containers
  • Pool cleaner (robotic/suction/pressure/return side) or Vacuum machine
  • Start-up chemical kit

Opening your pool doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

Download this checklist to help guide you through opening your swimming pool this year.

  1. Remove The Winter Pool Cover

Prior to removing your cover, drain off any collected water on top with a pump. Likewise, get rid of remain leaves and debris using a soft broom or skimmer net. Gently clean up the surface as much as possible then remove the winter pool cover. Some of debris may fall into the water at the moment but will be filtered and sanitized in the next steps.

  1. Clean Your Winter Pool Cover and Store It

Proper cleaning and storage will keep your pool cover always in good shape, which greatly reduce the maintain expense. Clean your cover thoroughly on nearby lawn using water, winter cover cleaner (or soap) and brushes. After cleaning, store your cover in airtight containers to prevent any damage from mice or critters.

How to Remove, Clean and Store a Safety Pool Cover

We are making learning how to Remove, Clean and Store a Safety Pool Cover very easy with this step-by-step video.

  1. Remove Winter Accessories

Checking the pool wall, skimmer baskets and eyeball jets, remove any winter plugs, ice compensator and skimmer plater that you found. Finally, re-install your equipment to the original places.

How to remove the Plugs & Install Jets

In this simple video, we are showing you how to remove winter plugs and reinstall jets

  1. Refill Your Pool (if Needed)

During winter, your pool may be drained, resulted in some loss of water. If the water level lie below halfway point of your skimmer, use a garden hose to refill it.

How to Refill The Pool Water

Ensure the water level around halfway point of your skimmer.

  1. Re-install and Setting up Your Deck Equips, Pumps & Filters

First, reinstall:

  1. Your deck equips including ladder, diving board and step rails
  2. Your pump and filter equips including drain plugs, gauges and other accessories.

Then, connect all the hoses:

  1. From your skimmer to your pump.
  2. From your pump to your filter.
  3. From your filter to your heater, chlorinator, other extra filter equipment or the return inlet.

Adjust your multiport valve to Filter position if needed.

How to Operate a Multiport Valve

We are making learning how to use a multiport valve very easy with this video tutorial

  1. Filter Your Pool Water

Power up your filter system. Before and during filtering, check for leaks, drips and proper ground wire connections. After filtering, backwash your system. If you are using a DE filter, add more fresh DE into the skimmer.

How to backwash a Sand filter

We are making learning how to backwash a Sand filter easy in this video guide.

How to add DE Powder in The Skimmer

We are making learning how to adding DE powder easy in this video tutorial

  1. Prime Your Pool (if needed)

If your pump start running dry, you may need to motivate the system by filling it with water:

  1. Shut off your filter system and remove the pump lid
  2. Using your garden hose, fill the pump with water for at least 2 minutes to create starting suction.
  3. Tighten your pump lid and start the system again.

How to Prime a Pool Pump

Learn how to prime a pool pump in this VIDEO and simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Clean up Your Pool

Here’s the tough part. If your pool is clean and clear, congratulations! If it’s not, you may need to skim the surface for any remain particles then clean them up using hands, brushes or a reliable pool cleaner.

Not required suction or pump – coming along with separated bags and flexible working surfaces, robotic pool cleaners are considered as one of the best pool cleaners. A best robotic pool cleaner could test, treat and clean your pool automatically while you are away – enjoying your precious life moments. In case you don’t have a pool cleaner, a vacuum machine could be used in place with less effective and a lot more efforts.

How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Cleaning a pool includes: vacuuming, skimming, and brushing. If you do these tasks every week, you will clean a swimming pool perfectly

Best Pool Cleaners

Getting yourself a best pool cleaner or robotic pool cleaner based on this up-to-date reviews

Balance Your Pool Water

It’s necessary to balance your pool water. Imbalanced water remains cloudy, keeps wasting added chemicals and may greatly irritate your eyes or skin. Take your pool water to the local pool dealer and get a full test. Accordingly to the test results, adjust the alkaline, pH and calcium hardness to recommended ranges (alkaline – 80 to 120 ppm, pH – 7.2 to 7.6, calcium hardness – 180 to 220 ppm).

  1. Shock Your Pool

You should perform you first pool shocking now and repeat it once a week. Pool shocking is a simple process to reactive chlorine and burn out any contamination. Gradually add about 1 lbs. of shocking agent for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. Shocking should be done at dusk or over-night to avoid chlorine burning.

How to Shock a Swimming Pool

Want to learn how to shock a pool? Follow these easy steps to successfully shock your swimming pool.

And Finally…

Your swimming pool should be sparkling clean now!

Before diving in those irresistible tempting blue water, please let it run for at least 24 hours, retest the water and vacuum out any debris.

If you found this tutorial useful, please like and share it around. If you’re having any question or tip, kindly leave a comment or contact us via email.

Happy Swimming!

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